4 Tips For Saving Money On Cruises

    • Melissa Chapman
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Budgeting for a cruise

As fun and relaxing as going on a cruise with your loved ones can be, we often fall into the trap of spending money on various packages and deals that don’t actually end up getting us our money’s worth.

While cruise ships offer loads of great ways to enhance your holiday experience, it’s good to keep some ideas in mind to personalise your trip and make it more enjoyable for you.

Here, we suggest four of our best tips for saving money on your next cruise so that you can make the most out of your trip in a cost-effective and fun way.

1. Don’t Book The First Cruise You See

It can be tempting to book the first cruise you think caters to what you’re looking for, especially when the site you are booking on claims it has the best price. However, the price of cruises is often changing depending on the day, specials, and how soon the trip is.

If you don’t have time to keep watch on various websites for price changes, it may be a good idea to enlist the help of a travel agent. Some travel agents specialise in cruise trips and can help you to find the best price. There are also online travel agents available that can help to save you time and money.

If possible, booking closer to the day of the trip can save you money too, as the prices go down as the cruise approaches. If this is your plan, try to make sure your cruise leaves from a local port – while cruise trips go down in price last minute, airplane tickets go up.

Make The Necessary Sacrifices

Unless your plan for your cruise trip is to stay in your room all day, your room isn’t as important as you may think. There are of course loads of options for luxury rooms with balconies and windows, but if you’re looking to save money these amenities aren’t necessary.

Rather, choose a cheaper room like the inside cabin if you’re planning on spending most of your time making use of the cruise ship activities and port stops.

If you are planning on securing the perfect, most comfortable room for you, be sure to be extra vigilant when you’re booking your room to find the most affordable price available. Often, it is better and more cost effective to choose to go on a luxury cruise liner than it is to choose the luxury option on a standard cruise.

Be Careful Of Onboard Expenses

On a cruise, you can access many different packages for beverages, spa treatments, and WiFi. However, these packages are often similar to all-you-can-eat deals: while you may think you’re getting your money’s worth, it is often far more cost effective to buy as you use.

Do research beforehand to determine whether you will be better off doing this, or if it’s best to make use of the packages available. Remember that a lot of your money can be spent when the cruise stops at a port rather than on the cruise liner itself.

For WiFi, in particular, avoid overpriced packages and rather find WiFi to get hold of your loved ones or check your emails in restaurants at the ports. Of course, if a package is the best option for you and what you will be using, there are great deals to be found – just make sure to do the research.

Save Your Shopping For Port Stops

For things such as toiletries and alcoholic beverages, shops and restaurants on board cruise ships can be extremely overpriced.

While it is, of course, cheaper to eat onboard as your ticket includes meals, other things can be found at port stops for a fraction of the price. Rather do your shopping here, and remember that massages and other treatments are often less expensive on land too.

It is a good idea to do research beforehand and to explore port stops as much as possible so that you don’t rush into spending unnecessary money.

If you are in desperate need of an item, however, you can actually find different specials and prices depending on where on the cruise liner you shop – so make sure to do your research onboard and check out the different options available.

It is also sometimes helpful to take part in port excursions that are not booked through your cruise liner, as these can often be overpriced.

Going on a cruise can be a fantastic way to relax, unwind, and enjoy what there is to offer away from home. Remember to do your research both before and during your trip so as not to get caught up in deals, as often, these deals are not worth it. Keeping in mind these tips, you will be able to make the best of your trip without the need for a cash loan.

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