3 Tools To Help You With Budgeting

piggy bank for budgeting

In order to live the life we want and to be prepared for the future we desire, it is crucial to save money. Having a healthy routine of savings and efficient spending will result in a much less stressful life. In order to save money though, the first thing one needs to do is budget effectively.

Having a realistic and well-managed budget will do wonders for your financial situation. It will allow you to know exactly where your money needs to go, and just how much you can put away for your savings. In order to budget efficiently, it is best to use a well thought out plan.

Here are 3 simple tools which can easily be used to help you get your budgeting on the right track.

Use Cash and Envelopes

Even though we live in a world where technology can help us in just about every aspect of our lives, sometimes it is best to just do things the old-fashioned way. When it comes to managing finances, many people feel that using cash is the best way to go.

The benefits of cash come from you physically handling and seeing your money right in front of you. Holding your cash can give you a greater understanding of just how much money you have available, and it can make you think twice before letting go of it and maybe needing a cash loan.

When it comes to budgeting with cash, one of the best tried and trusted tools is to use envelopes. Start by withdrawing the amount of cash you will need for the week or month ahead. Split this money up into the different areas where you will need to spend it, and place the separated money into labeled envelopes.

Through doing this you will be able to see exactly how much money you have available for different areas of your budget, and if you only use cash, you will know when to stop spending. Using cash and envelopes is a great way to budget because actually holding and giving away your physical money gives you a strong grasp of your spending habits.


If you are looking for one of the best ways to manage your budget online, then look no further than Mint. Mint is a website which can help you to understand and develop your budget on a level that you probably never thought possible.

All you need to do is to link your bank account, credit card statements, or investment accounts and you will be given a great deal of information on all things related to your budget. Mint will provide you with graphs and charts on your spending habits and budgets and will even inform you of financial trends.

In order to help you to create a reasonable budget that is also realistic, you will need to know exactly how much money you have available and how much money you spend in different areas already. Using Mint is a great way to figure this all out in order to help you spend smarter in the future.

The website is free to use and has many useful features for managing your personal finances and assets. A great modern budgeting tool.


While there are some amazing tools available to manage your finances for you, sometimes the best way is to just manually go through your budget yourself. Using spreadsheets will never let you down, and being able to simply plan and track your budget through them will always make them one of the best personal finance tools out there.

Whether you are using Excel, Google Sheets or something else, you will find that using a spreadsheet is actually very simple and effective. The great thing about this approach is that it allows you to have complete control of your budget in your hands, without having to share your information online or to somebody else.

If you use a spreadsheet well, you can lay out every aspect of your budget and can get a very solid grasp on your spending. In order to get started on creating and managing your budget through spreadsheets there are free budget templates available which will help a great deal.

Managing your budget through a spreadsheet will give you one of the best ways to look at how you should be spending. Easy to use and effective, spreadsheets won’t let you down.

Budgeting efficiently should not be a difficult task. It is the first step towards a healthy financial situation and it is something we should manage well. Through using a simple tool to help you to budget, saving and managing your money will become a whole lot easier. These 3 tools are some of the best ways to help you with creating and controlling that ever important budget.

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