About Us

We started Mammoth Investor in 2017, we found a distinct lack of information on the different websites that offer loans it was also a time where a lot of change was happening with interest rates. It was quite clear that consumers were confused and were often getting themselves into bad situations. We decided to launch Mammoth Investor simply as a useful information source that displays all of the current information for the most popular loaning companies in Australia. The aim is to give power back to the consumer so they can make informed decisions moving forward.

At Mammoth Investor by no means are we professionals in the field, we are simply bringing together information that can be found on each of these websites into one place. We highly recommend doing your own research and short-term loans are often not the best way to go depending on your financial situation. If you are struggling or need help then contact us and we’ll get you in touch with someone with the qualifications that can help you out of your predicament.

Melissa. C
Mammoth Investor Founder

Greg. M
Chief Website Editor

Mammoth Investor
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