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We understand that applying for loans can be a very stressful period. We’ve provided a platform that allows you to get all the information you need about different types of loans so you can make an informed decision.

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Cash Loans

Cash loans can be for various amounts, anywhere from $100 to $10,000. They are usually very flexible but have high interest rates, in most cases you can find a provider that will have what you need.

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Payday Loans

Most payday loans are between $300 and $2000. They are small loans with high-interest rate that are used to cover unexpected and time-sensitive costs. These loans are to be repaid when the person next receives their paycheck.

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Online Loans

Online loans are usually for smaller amounts with a very fast turnaround time. With everything being done online they can be processed quickly and usually have fewer upfront conditions.

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Why Do People Use Loans?

People often use loans to get them out of a tight spot, this can often be quite dangerous because it puts them in a worse position long term. It’s important to read all of the conditions when entering into a loan, especially for smaller quick loans since they can have very high-interest rates. It’s always advised to take great caution when considering a loan as they can sting if not repaid in a reasonable time.

At Mammoth Investor we understand that people often find it difficult to gather all the information to make a decision, that’s why we’ve set up this site to bring information to the population. All of the information featured on our website can be found on the relevant provider’s website. We highly recommend doing your own research as well and making sure you know exactly what you are signing up for.

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